Did you know about these legendary Bollywood celebrities? Here we have 10 legendary Bollywood celebrities you died in the worst of their financial condition and forgotten by us. Read the article to know who these celebs are.

1. Meena Kumari

One of the most iconic celebrities of Bollywood, Meena Kumari (born Mehajabee Bano) made her first appearance in films at the age of 4. She went to become the ‘Tragedy Queen’ of Indian cinema not only due to the roles she portrayed on screen but her personal life as well. Her marriage to writer-director Kamal Amrohi soured when Dharmendra made an appearance in her life. Meena Kumari is credited with helping Dharmendra make a career in Bollywood. Unfortunately, it ended her marriage. Kumari became an alcoholic and damaged her liver. Towards the end of her life, she and Amrohi took up the stalled ‘Pakeezah’ project (replacing Dharmendra with Raj Kumar). Despite her failing health, Meena Kumari gave the performance her all. She died all alone three weeks after the movie released with no money left to pay her hospital bills.

2. Ruby Myers.

Ruby Myers was one of the Baghdadi Jews of India and could speak no Hindi; yet she was a Hindi cinema star popularly known as Sulochana. As a silent movie star, she was one of the highest paid actors of her day. She was such a crowd-puller that one short film of Mahatma Gandhi inaugurating a khadi exhibition had Sulcohana’s dance number added in. She was rumored to have a higher salary than the Governor of Bombay. With the coming of talkies, Myers had to learn to speak in Hindi. She had a few hits after that but steadily, the offers dried up. She started her own production house, Ruby Pics, in 1930. She won the Dada Saheb Phalke award in 1973. In 1983, she was found dead in her flat, having spent her days lonely and forgotten.