9. Bhagwan Dada.

The son of a textile mill worker who had to give up education after class 4 to work odd jobs, Bhagwan Dada found his escape in movies and dreamed of being a hero. He got a break in ‘Bewafa Aashiq’ (based on ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’) but was without work after that because people thought he was a real hunchback. Bhagwan Dada was not the conventional hero – he was portly, plain-looking and with bulging eyes but he found success as writer, director and actor. Unfortunately, after a string of flops, he had to sell his 25-bedroom Juhu house, his fleet of 7 cars, and move to a chawl with his family. His vast circle of friends disappeared except for a few like Dilip Kumar, Sunil Dutt, Om Prakash and Johnny Lever, who continued to visit him. He died in 2002 at the age of 89, virtually forgotten.

10. Achala Sachdev.

Achala Sachdev was born in Peshawar in 1920; she started her film career as a child artist though she will most probably be remembered for her mother and grandmother roles. One of the most popular Bollywood songs, ‘O Meri Zohrajabi’, was shot on her. Sachdev acted in over 130 films. After her divorce, she married Cifford Douglas Peters, who was a widower and became a resident of Pune. She was very philanthropic in nature and had even gifted her house to Janseva Foundation. However, when she fell and broke her femur and became paralyzed, she was left in a hospital without attendants. Her son from her first marriage, Jyotin, who lived in the US, rarely visited her, while her daughter in Mumbai had no contact with her.