All the guests are gone, helpers are winding up, marriage decorator are unwinding the decoration, all the marriage ceremonies are done, and finally only two of you are driven off with their honeymoon luggage.

Well that’s what happened on mine too! Wink!

But wait! Are you ready for your first night as a married woman?

If not, after reading my tips you will be

1. Take it slow

After a long tiring journey, slowdown your pace and new husband’s too. Start with a light dinner, lots of cuddles, body massage, plenty of rest and sound sleep to ease out all the emotional, mental, and physical stress you two were carrying since your D-day.

2. $ex within marriage and outside of wedlock

Both are completely different. So never think of yourself a pro on your wedding night. To score 10 out of 10 on your first night but sometimes super high expectations can turn into serious disappointment.