Our nose plays a very important role in our good looks. Women who are considered beautiful, have a sharp nose. Therefore, a sharp nose is always desirable. These easy and simple exercises will give the shape to your nose and make it perfect. Have a look!

1. Nose shaping

Press the sides of your nose with index fingers and exhale out with force. For the best results,  apply the pressure on the bottom of the sides of nostrils. It’s better you do not apply too much force. Repeat the exercise 10 times. This nose shaping exercise, if done regularly will prevent the nose from sagging and change the shape of your nose and sculpt it just the way you want it.

2. Nose shortening

Gently press the tip of your nose with the index finger. Now, with your nose apply the pressure on your finger. You can perform this exercise as many times you want to in a day. This exercise will prevent the declining of cartilage and give your nose a proper shape.