Ladies, prepare yourself to hear some truths. A lot of girls think that guys don’t notice or pay attention to small details, but they actually do. We know that girls and guys are completely opposite. Their lifestyles, private talks, all are so different from each other. And there are few things guys notice about you or your lifestyle but don’t tell you. So, what are they? Keep scrolling to find out the things we are talking about.

1. When a girl is talking to a guy and then she runs to her lady buddy

When you whisper something about us to your gal pal after we finished talking, we know what’s going in your mind and you must be talking about. We always wanna see the look on your face while explaining to your buddy about us.

2. When girls think a lot before making any decision

Girls usually look at each other before making a decision. A boyfriend always know how bad her girl is at making decisions, still, he will let you think and then decide something for you both.