He has become very intelligent; he now knows the trick, he knows you well and he even knows that by saying what you will get convinced. Your boyfriend has an answer for everything but even you are smart enough and you know that what he will say. You both are completely into each other and know each other well.

This time, I am listing the world’s most lame excuses that a guy gives and I am sure you will certainly relate to it.

1. I was stuck due to the traffic

The world’s most awarded excuse that due to a foolish person he missed the green signal and he got stuck in traffic and hence he is late. Now would he admit that now he will take a bath when he says that he will be there in 10 more minutes.

2. Hell tired, let’s talk tomorrow early morning?

Now this person who eats his dinner at 9 pm is telling you that he wants to sleep, he definitely has some plans which you won’t approve of so he is playing safe that he is sleeping and you won’t disturb him.