Here comes another of those things that usually makes way to the trash but can be used in some really amazing ways. We are talking about the eggshells that look useless to us but hold a treasure of properties within. Check out these amazing uses of eggshells for your garden and you will never throw them away again.

It is advised to test your soil before introducing it to egg shells. Eggshells can be broken into small pieces and used in some of the ways mentioned below. A few uses require them to be crushed in a fine powder form.


Finely crumble the shells and add them to your compost bin. This will not only add minerals to the soil but also neutralize the pH level of the compost.

Pest repellent

Coarsely crumbled eggshells have sharp edges that deter soft-bodied pests like slugs and snails from venturing into the plants. Simply encircle the plants prone to pests with crushed shells for a pest-free garden.