You’ve probably heard that beauty really starts on the inside. With the research available today, this has been proven to be true. For example, high quality oils offer a wide range of benefits to your health, and this translates to outer beauty by helping with moisture and suppleness of the skin. Different foods offer different health benefits, which also translates to a variety of beauty benefits. Here are 11 foods that you can add to your meals so you can start reaping the beauty benefits today!

Chocolate Milk

This one may come as a pleasant surprise. You’ve probably heard about the health benefits of milk—bone-strengthening calcium, phosphorous, protein and the beauty mineral, magnesium. You may have also heard about the health properties of dark chocolate—high amounts of antioxidants, possible improvement with blood flow and ability to lower blood pressure. So, put these two together and you have an excellent beauty beverage, and also a proven effective post-workout drink for re-hydrating the body.

White Beans

White beans are high in fiber and protein. They’re also loaded with antioxidants which help the body fight off free radicals, fight stress, lessen fatigue and keep the skin wrinkle-free. Low on the glycemic scale, they are excellent for maintaining blood-sugar levels in the body. White beans are also high in magnesium, the beauty mineral that enhances hair, skin and nails.