You might have taken several personality tests to actually know who you are and where do you stand. But here’s a simpler task. All that you need to do to know about your personality is give an instant honest one word answer and the question is ‘What is your favorite color? Now, keep that answer with you and read what your favorite color depicts about your character traits and behavior! In case you have more than one favorite color, look for all to have a collective understanding of your personality.

1. Red



You are energetic, extrovert and live life to its fullest. But at the same time, you are action oriented, ambitious and sometimes aggressive too. Also, red is the color of attraction and you know it well and takes full advantage of it since you are confident about your looks as well as clear about your desires.

2. Yellow



You are an optimist to the extent that you keep dreaming about good things and hence are underestimated by many. But when it comes to reality, you use your super-brain and prove your worth with perfection.