We all want to be healthy. We want to look good in our clothes. We want to feel strong and full of energy. Unfortunately, the road to wellness can often be an uphill climb, full of temptations — hello, Starbucks Venti Iced Caramel Macchiato — and, conflicting information around every corner (like, “all carbs are bad,” or “eating organic is super expensive”). The entire thing is exhausting, often discouraging us from seeking out a healthier lifestyle before we even start.

Luckily, eating healthier might actually be a lot simpler than we think. “So many people think healthy eating has to be hard, time-consuming, or expensive and that’s simply not the case.”

“If you think outside of the box and make some smart swaps, you can actually save money by eating healthier!”

Here are some simple swaps you can make in your own kitchen that will help you take steps toward a healthier lifestyle.

Greek yogurt for sour cream

I love me some tacos, especially those finished off with a giant dollop of sour cream.The trouble is, sour cream isn’t exactly making the honor roll when it comes to healthy food options. That’s why Rebecca Lewis, the dietitian suggests swapping out this fatty topping for Greek yogurt. “Greek yogurt has less calories and fat than sour cream,” she told me. “A bonus: Greek yogurt is also a rich source of protein and vitamin D.” Taco night doesn’t have to make us feel guilty any longer!

Nuts for croutons

“Nuts give the desired texture and crunch that you’d want from croutons,” she said. “Nuts are also a nutrient-dense superfood supplying protein, fiber, and healthy plant-based fats to keep you full and satiated.” Lunch salads will never be the same.