It is very difficult to maintain a fit body when you have a busy schedule at home and at work. In today’s lifestyle many people don’t ave time to take proper care of their body, thus leading to a unhealthy way of life. So here are few ways you can keep your body fit in a busy schedule. Just follow these few exercise tips.

1. Cardiovascular Workouts

To get your heart pumping you need to have a cardiovascular exercise in the morning. The cardiovascular exercises will get your heart pumping, balances blood flow and also improves your air intake. Jogging, cycling, brisk walking or aerobics can be the starting point. In case you can’t go outside for a warm up you can do the same at home. Spot jogging is a good exercise for the body. You can even choose to dance to your most favorite songs.

2. Jump Squats

Jump squat - IMAGE - Women's Health and Fitness

Begin with Jump squats, for which you would not require your dumbbells. Squat down and push yourself up by jumping. You need to land back on your feet and lower into a squat again. Repeat the same process for 30 seconds. To have a good balance you can hold your fists tight in front of you.